[Snort-users] Help with writting a rule

Kevin Smith kjsmith at ...13166...
Wed Mar 30 19:38:29 EST 2005

To anyone who can help,

I am a bit confused on writing rules. I am trying to write, at least 
what I think a pretty simple rule. Basically we have all the traffic 
filtered out, meaning any traffic that is not going to an IP address 
will be sent to the snort box. With this we are going to determine if 
the user is having say spy-ware or virus related problems so we can 
notify them. I am running into trouble getting my rules to work, or they 
work so well, it just fills the database up to an unmanageable level.

Now, my question is that right now it is logging what appears to be any 
packet sent by the user. I would like to get a handful of that 
information, for example, have 1 log for every 100 packets. Is this 
possible? If so, what options do I need to use?


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