[Snort-users] RE: [Snort-sigs] Any new rules coming out of snort.org?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Wed Mar 30 17:59:34 EST 2005

Jason wrote:

> The old unmodified version is available.
> checked your examples 1616 and 1435 and both are there. 


I think Frank's point isn't that the old versions are there, it's why
aren't the new ones posted.

Were the above rules originally sourcefire/VRT rules, or were they
originally community rules?

If they were originally community rules, I'd suspect SourceFire will
need permission from the rule author to modify the rule and distribute
the updates on a non GPL basis.

If they were originally VRT rules, and remained purely the ownership of
VRT, then that's all perfectly legit. The owner (or a unanimous
agreement of all owners) of a rule can always relicense the rules back
to themselves on a non-GPL basis, despite the fact that a GPL version
exists. If they accepted GPLed community updates to the rule, that gets
a bit less clear on who owns it and under what license, but IANAL.

 I can tell you that 1616 dates back as far as the release 1.1 of
dns.rules, so it was very early on. Presumably it's originally from
Marty or BMC.

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