[Snort-users] Problems with base and postgresql

Alejandro Flores alejandrorflores at ...11827...
Wed Mar 30 03:42:57 EST 2005


> Still got problems with my BASE. I'm running Snort 2.3 with BASE 1.0.2 on a
> PostgreSQL 7.4.3 server. Snort is producing some alarms, but not too many.
> Not always but often the server has a load of 99,9% because of postmaster
> doing some INSERTS etc. The same is happening, when I'm doing some queries
> with BASE. The system needs plenty of time to show me the results. 
> Do you have any ideas, why this happens? I have already read some
> instructions how to tune my database with indexes etc. But I don't exactly
> know, how I could do this. 
> Can you help me? 

Could you post here the startup line of your postgresql? What options
are you using?

Alejandro Flores

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