[Snort-users] No Base with localhost/base in browser

Harper, Patrick Patrick.Harper at ...11593...
Tue Mar 29 05:35:39 EST 2005

Did you extract to base/ under the web root?  I think the latest version
goes to base.<ver> instead of just base/. 

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Hi All,

below is my base_conf.php settings. I get a blank page in both 
Firefox/Mozilla when typing localhost/base even though this,
shows up in the url box.
PHP is working, as I can bring up the NetworkMonitorTool with just 
entering localhost. I'm following Patrick Harper's Tutorial for 
Fedora3/Snort/Base/PHP. Perhaps I've missed something fundamental.?

Mark Sargent.

$BASE_urlpath = "/base";

/* Path to the DB abstraction library
 *  (Note: DO NOT include a trailing backslash after the directory)
 *   e.g. $foo = "/tmp"      [OK]
 *        $foo = "/tmp/"     [OK]
 *        $foo = "c:\tmp"    [OK]
 *        $foo = "c:\tmp\"   [WRONG]
$DBlib_path = "/var/www/html/adodb";

/* The type of underlying alert database
 *  MySQL       : "mysql"
 *  PostgresSQL : "postgres"
 *  MS SQL Server : "mssql"
$DBtype = "mysql";

/* Alert DB connection parameters
 *   - $alert_dbname   : MySQL database name of Snort alert DB
 *   - $alert_host     : host on which the DB is stored
 *   - $alert_port     : port on which to access the DB
 *   - $alert_user     : login to the database with this user
 *   - $alert_password : password of the DB user
 *  This information can be gleaned from the Snort database
 *  output plugin configuration.
$alert_dbname   = "snort";
$alert_host     = "localhost";
$alert_port     = "";
$alert_user     = "snort";
$alert_password = "mysnorter";

/* Archive DB connection parameters */
$archive_dbname   = "snort";
$archive_host     = "localhost";
$archive_port     = "";
$archive_user     = "snort";
$archive_password = "mysnorter";

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