[Snort-users] No Base with localhost/base in browser

Alejandro Flores alejandrorflores at ...11827...
Tue Mar 29 02:56:10 EST 2005


> below is my base_conf.php settings. I get a blank page in both
> Firefox/Mozilla when typing localhost/base even though this,
> http://localhost.localdomain/base/base_main.php
> shows up in the url box.
> PHP is working, as I can bring up the NetworkMonitorTool with just
> entering localhost. I'm following Patrick Harper's Tutorial for
> Fedora3/Snort/Base/PHP. Perhaps I've missed something fundamental.? Cheers.

Please, when you get this blank page exec this command:
tail -30 /var/log/httpd/access_log

And paste the output here.

Alejandro Flores

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