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Tue Mar 29 02:26:16 EST 2005

Unfortunately results for Snort 1.8 are unreliable since post 2.0 versions are MUCH faster (that's when the whole multi-pattern-matching algorithms thing came in).

Results for Sourcefire IS3000 are not directly applicable to Snort because, as you mention in your report, the Sourcefire sensor uses a custom packet capture driver instead of pcap library. A custom driver gives MAJOR performance increase, results for vanilla snort are not going to be anywhere near that good.

my 2 cents,
Paolo Milani

>Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Snort performance
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>We looked at open source Snort some time ago (back in the V1.8 days) and
>that appears in one of our earlier reports.
>However, our latest Gigabit IDS report includes detailed performance tests
>of the Sourcefire IS3000 which is, of course, based on Snort
>Bob Walder
>The NSS Group
>On 25/3/05 11:33 pm, "Ramkumar Chinchani" <rc27 at ...13217...> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am looking for references/pointers to any documented measurements on
>> Snort's performance overheads, latency and such.
>> Thanks,
>> _R

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