[Snort-users] Need help with the configurations/installation of ACID

mr leokenzie tenminustwo at ...125...
Mon Mar 28 23:44:57 EST 2005

I need help on how to install or configure ACID. I have downloaded most of 
the prerequisites such as MySQL, Snort, jpeg, zlib, apache server, php. But 
im very lost after the installation. And my PC has a very limited number of 
space. Some of the prerequisites i cant even install. Can anyone help me out 
with this. A step by step configuration of ACID if possible, as im very new 
to Linux as well. Most of the commands i dont know where to type it. I just 
need to monitor snort thru ACID cause I know it is the UI for Snort. If I 
can monitor Snort thru ACID it would be the best. Or if there is other 
alternative of a GUI that can monitor or run Snort that will be good also. 
Please kindly assist me with this project. Thanks a lot.

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