[Snort-users] Ok, here's a stupid question...

Arseneault, Thomas (HQP) thomas.arseneault at ...13070...
Thu Mar 24 12:42:36 EST 2005

How does one get Snort 2.3.2? I click on the download button off the
Snort.org home page and I get sent to the old download page that only
has Snort 2.3.0 listed and when I click on it, it says that the page
does not exist. My firewall, which I don't have control over, does not
allow CVS through and even if it did I don't have CVS installed
anywhere, nor do I have anywhere to install it (I only have security
hosts under my control and my group shares a development host with
others so I can't screw with it). I am rather at a loss here, I want to
play with sfportscan so I need 2.3.2 (it is fixed there isn't it?). I'm
currently running 2.3.0 Release and except for sfportscan am happy with
it which means that from the old site I was able to download and compile
it properly, so I'm not a complete git. Any help would be much

Tom Arseneault
Security Engineer
Robert Half International

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