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You will need to specify another facility for EACH action, other words
you need another line to log to a different location, you can only
specify multiple actions if they are users...



local3.*                                                @


put that into syslog.conf and restart syslog and you should see data in
both places, I do the samething for my logins on all my linux servers,
log locally and remotely. I dug up a little man/help page on the
internet for ya as well (aint I swell? :) )






Michael Brown


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Conversation: Logging to dual hosts..
Subject: [Snort-users] Logging to dual hosts..

Hey guys

I currently have snort set to log to Mysql as well as Syslog.  I am
having a problem getting Syslog to redirect itt's local3.* to both a
remote syslog host as well as the local logfile.


I have the following entry in my syslog.conf


local3.*                                                @


If I try


it only writes to the @ address (Please note that all IP
addresses have been changed to protect the innocent :) )


According to the man pages and documentation for syslog this should
work.....what am I missing here? 




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