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> Snort guru:
> Can anyone walk me through how to "duplicate" the BASE
> table/database schema to another database within the
> MySQL, so that I can archive alerts to this
> "secondary" database for longer retention? Which
> tool/utility you use to archive alert?
> I saw BASE can archive alerts (move) under action item
> list. However, where I need to configure so those
> alerts will be archived to proper location?
Log in to mysql:
mysql -u root -p

At the prompt, type "CREATE DATABASE {yournamehere};
for example "CREATE DATABASE archive;

Log out of mysql.

At the commandline type mysql -u root -p archive </path/to/the/create_mysql 
for example: mysql -u root -p archive </home/fred/create_mysql

Edit the base_conf.php file to indicate the name of the archive db.
/* Archive DB connection parameters */
$archive_dbname   = "archive";
$archive_host     = "localhost";
$archive_port     = "";
$archive_user     = "archive";
$archive_password = "archive";

(Obviously you should use a username and password different from this 

Once you've done that, you can archive events using BASE.

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