[Snort-users] -bash: /usr/sbin/snort/schemas/create_mysql: Not a directory

Lee Clemens snort at ...13080...
Mon Mar 21 00:43:11 EST 2005

not sure about Patrick Harper, but it looks like you're trying to run mysql
and execute the schema.

You'll want to to go your mysql directory and cd bin...that is, make your
working directory mysql/bin (not sure where exactly this is on your
particular computer).

Then run the command "mysql -u root -p " entering the location of your snort
installation and the correct path of the schema "create_mysql" after the -p

Since I don't know exactly what your directory structure is, it's a bit
difficult to answer any better than that. Essentially, you want to execute
"mysql" and run it with the -u root -p switch with the location of the

An easier way might be to run MySQL Command Prompt, log in as root, and then
copy text of the schema (located in the snort/schema directory) and paste it
into the MySQL session. Hope that helps!

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Hi All,

getting the below error when following Patrick Harper's tutorial for 

[mysql at ...274... bin]$ ./mysql -u root -p 
</usr/sbin/snort/schemas/create_mysql snort
-bash: /usr/sbin/snort/schemas/create_mysql: Not a directory

whereis snort = /usr/sbin/snort but, a cd /usr/sbin/snort gives the below,

[root at ...274... snort]# cd /usr/sbin/snort
-bash: cd: /usr/sbin/snort: Not a directory

locate schemas shows nothing related to snort


Mark Sargent

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