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Fri Mar 18 06:36:26 EST 2005

You just need the mysql libs, so yes, compile snort with the -mysql and
it will find the mysql libs if you have them in the default location.
Otherwise you may have to specify the location. As a suggestion, to be a
little bit more secure, I would run stunnel between the 2 devices and
let mysql run on top of that. 



Michael Brown


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Hello Michael,

I am installing snort on proxy and mysql on other host
I probably need mysql client to run on the snort host
any ideas ?

Salil D.

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 Snort wrote :
>Not necessary if you already have mysql compiled in, just change it
>localhost to the remote host IP address
>output database: alert, mysql, user=unhuh dbname=IDS sensor_name=pffft
>sid=11 password=freewilly host=
>Michael Brown
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>Conversation: [Snort-users] Remote Mysql
>Subject: [Snort-users] Remote Mysql
>Hello there,
>I was able to run snort with mysql both on same host
>I want to configure snort with mysql on remote machine
>what should be used with ./configure --with-mysql=?????????
>Thanks to all
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