[Snort-users] Recommendation for IDS reporting tools?

Hugo hchlai at ...2792...
Thu Mar 17 13:55:40 EST 2005

I really appreciate everyone's suggestion. However, does anybody tried Tenable's Lightning for reporting? I'm seriously considering Sguil or Tenable Lightning.


"Basselgia, Barry A Mr (NAF Atsugi)" <BABasselgia at ...12104...> wrote:

>I use Aanval, it uses the same mysql database as ACID/BASE, so it will work
>with anything you can feed into the database.  I use unified logging on my
>snort sensors and barnyard to feed the database.
>I find that I use both BASE and Aanval depending on what I'm looking
>for/doing at the time.  Aanval has some near real time monitors that I
>really like.  But, when I'm digging into things I find BASE to be more
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>> Has anybody tried Aanval? Any testimonial? THanks in advance!
>Tried it, didn't like it; not as functional as ACID/BASE, and, IIRC, it 
>won't work with unified logging (which is a show-stopper for a production 
>> Hugo
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