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One of the best things about the class is that they run you through a
guaranteed working configuration.

As a newbie (still am in many respects), I was always tripping over some
small detail or another that would drive me up the wall.

The key point is that they have put together a combination of mysql, snort,
acid, anvaal, etc. which is guaranteed to work!

After the class, I used the book several times more - step by step until I
started to feel comfortable.  Some of the more experienced hands may not
care for that approach, but, as the old saying goes "When you're up to your
ass in alligators, it's difficult to remember that your original objective
was to drain the swamp"

Hope that helps,


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>  I've also taken the classes.  I consider it money well spent

I've been to lots of courses that were dissapointments, as they only
(essentially) read the manual to me, and then usually only a part of it,
leaving me feeling like I'd wasted my money and my time, because I'd already
read the manual, usually more than once, and wanted to understand it better
and learn stuff that *wasn't* in the manual.

I have read the Sort 2.1 book that Syngress published. I thought it was
excellent. Having read it, and given the above, how do the Sourcefire
courses rate, content-wise? For hands-on experience and being able to ask
questions of an instructor, I'm sure they're great.


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