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Mon Mar 14 14:50:40 EST 2005

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I realize this. Which is why I stated (more than once) that Aanval
(another analyzation tool) resolves sids from the snort database w/o any
issue or needing to know where sid-msg.map is, even when re-initiallized.

I use snortcenter2x to manage my sensors, from this I have created a
script that autogenerates my sid-msg.map everytime barnyard starts from
my rules database.

IMO: I think I might need to re-write the mysql plugin for barnyard,
there are too many tedious ID's in there that are helping confuse the
problem. Everything *SHOULD* revolve around the rule SID... it seems
like everythin in the db has it's own type of ID, some needed,
some...over duplicated, it seems.

BASE alone seemes to look at teh SIG_ID and not the SID when it looks up
the sig name to generate its cache.... why would there be a need to
generate a seperate id for each sig in the signature table? To compound
that, barnyard doesn't generate the entire sig list into the DB on
runtime, only when it's needed, seems feasible, but what happens if you
clear one of the tables.... you just F'd your entire setup becuase the
SIG_ID starts back at 0 and your SID stays the same, so BASE read's the
SIG_NAME incorrectly (if at all) and you're hosed... may not pose a
problem for smaller db's that don't need that sort of flexibility, but
(again, IMO) seems like centralizing anything dealing with signature
resolution, evertying should revolve around the SID....

I'm thinkin the reason why aanval seems to work is because it doesn't
even look at the SIG_ID, which BASE might.... I just can't find the code
to prove anything....(in BASE).

Esler, Joel CNTR/Sytex wrote:
| BASE gets it's info from the database.  What you put in the database is
| up to you.  BASE reads it raw out of the database.  I agree with
| everyone else, I think your sid-msg.map is messed up.  I would point
| barnyard at your sid-msg.map that is updated.  (I would also recommend
| using IDSPM to manage your rules and auto-fix your sid-msg.map)
| BASE does not read raw files, it will not read your sid-msg.map.  I had
| a discussion with Marty recently about possibly generating the
| sid-msg.map on startup, or some kind of method to autogenerate it so
| this type of thing does not happen.
| Joel Esler
| BASE Project Lead
| On Mon, 2005-03-14 at 17:30 -0500, Wes Young wrote:
| I know... I have done that... which is why Aanval works...
| but Base Does not.... trying to figure that part out (where base gets
| all it's info)
| Paul Schmehl wrote:
| | --On Monday, March 14, 2005 04:05:36 PM -0500 Wes Young
| | <wcyoung at ...12754... <mailto:wcyoung at ...12754...>> wrote:
| |
| |>
| |> I thought barnyard uses the sid-msg.map to read the sid and then
| |> ~ the sig details to the DB, no? I don't specify the sid-msg.map
| |> else, hense why Aanval works perfectly, but base, does not.
| |>
| | You *do* have to tell barnyard where the sid-msg.map is.  Otherwise it
| | will not be able to parse the sids to msgs.
| |
| | You do it one of two ways:
| |
| | In the config file:
| | config sid-msg-map: /path/to/sig-msg.map
| |
| | On the commandline:
| | barnyard -s /path/to/sid-msg.map
| |
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