[Snort-users] Base Barnyard and Unified Logs

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Mon Mar 14 14:50:34 EST 2005

--On Monday, March 14, 2005 05:30:43 PM -0500 Wes Young 
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> Hash: SHA1
> I know... I have done that... which is why Aanval works...
Then the problem isn't barnyard.

> but Base Does not.... trying to figure that part out (where base gets
> all it's info)
Base gets its info from the db.  If you run the following query, you will 
see what's there:
select sig_id,sig_name from signature;

If you have entries in there that look like this:
Snort Alert [1:3192:0]

Then you either don't have an entry for the signature (e.g. sid:3192) in 
the sid-msg.map or you need to restart barnyard so it can parse the file 
again.  Every time the sid-msg.map changes, barnyard has to be HUP'd so it 
can reread the file.

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