[Snort-users] Base Barnyard and Unified Logs

Wes Young wcyoung at ...12754...
Mon Mar 14 13:20:17 EST 2005

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Ah ha....

Barnyard only inserts the SIG NAME if it doesnt exist in the snort table
already, not based on msg map readin. So, if you start base on a 'not so
fresh' start of barnyard, you'll get all the snort data, but if you F'd
your sig table, it won't add it without a manual script, that reads the
sigmap in and then inserts it... might be a nice addition to either
project... might take up space... but not that much...


Wes Young wrote:
| I thought barnyard uses the sid-msg.map to read the sid and then inserts
| ~ the sig details to the DB, no? I don't specify the sid-msg.map anywhere
| else, hense why Aanval works perfectly, but base, does not.
| There must be a slight problem with the way base looks up sig info and a
| slight problem how barnyard stores it.
| Michael Scheidell wrote:
| | The issues is barnyard.
| |
| | Barnyard only stores the sid, and THEN, reads sid-msg.map for signature
| | description.
| |
| |

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