[Snort-users] Converting ASCII logs to Unified Format

Jim O'Leary j_oleary_langara at ...4554...
Mon Mar 14 08:20:15 EST 2005

I should clarify that I was given the Snort log files from an external
source, not from my own Snort.conf. I need to convert these text files into
unified so Barnyard can stick them into MySQL.

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Unified format is completely different from the ASCII log.  I would double
check your Snort.conf settings.


On Sat, 2005-03-12 at 22:03 -0800, Jim O'Leary wrote:

I have Snort set up so that it outputs logs and alerts to the binary
"unified" format. I also have barnyard set  up so that it reads those binary
files and sticks them into a MySQL database. 
The problem is, I've been given a group of Snort output files that are in
the ASCII format.  How do I convert these files to "unified" so I can get
barnyard to stick them into MySQL?

Esler, Joel CNTR/Sytex <joel.esler at ...9426...> 	

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