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I finished version 1 of mine a while back... I will go back and add more statistics, but I want to build me correlation scripts... here is a couple of snippets from my scripts. Pretty much all you are doing is counting rows and setting the order of listing to descending, then limiting it to the top 10... so if you want to get the top 10 SRC IP's your script can look similar to this:


select count(*) AS COUNT,ip_src FROM iphdr GROUP BY ip_src ORDER BY COUNT DESC LIMIT 30


in this case I'm getting the Top 30 SRC IP's. you can script that from the command and have it output to a nice little html page reading for viewing.


Mysql -h serverip -D database -H -B -e "select count(*) AS COUNT,ip_src FROM iphdr GROUP BY ip_src ORDER BY COUNT DESC LIMIT 30;"


-B tells mysql to run as a batch job

-e tells it to execute this command

-H tells it to produce HTML output


With the above, here is aline will get you the Top 30 signatures and output it to a html page


mysql -h -D IDS -H -B -e "select count(*) AS COUNT,sig_name from event LEFT JOIN signature ON signature = signature.sig_id GROUP BY signature ORDER BY COUNT DESC limit 30;" >> /var/www/html/sig.html




Michael Brown


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Hi all,

It's my first query to a group, i am intended to make a data analysis interface using PHP and MySql and i am stuck at a point i.e how to fetch top 10 records e.g. top 10 source IPs or top 10 Destination ports from mysql database. Can any one please help in this regard, any Mysql commands or something...?



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