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I configured snort-2.2.0 with mysql-4.1 on mandrake9.1
I ran snort 
"shell>snort -c /path/snort.conf"
I got the following,
database: compiled support for ( )
database: configured to use mysql
database: mysql support is not compiled for this build

in snort.conf I wrote
output database: log, mysql, user=snortuser dbname=snort host=localhost

is there anything else I need to do ???

Thanks in advance.


On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 Dragos Ruiu wrote :
>(The registration for this training is now
>on-line. I thought it would be of interest to
>readers of this list. --dr)
>CanSecWest Security Masters Dojo
>Dates: Morning/Afternoon May 3 and Morning May 4
>         (Immediately preceeding CanSecWest/core05)
>Venue: Mariott Harbourside. Vancouver BC Canada
>         (Off site lab equipment provided by BCIT IEL)
>Duration: 7 half day courses in three sessions.
>         (each course offered twice in the three
>          possible sessions.)
>Registration Maximum: 10 Students per course session.
>Advanced and intermediate security training
>and technology enhancement for information
>security professionals.
>To address the need for intermediate and advanced
>educational requirements that go beyond the introductory
>materials typically found in most currently existing
>training (which are often geared towards the
>novice level) for professionals who already have
>significant work experience, and want to further
>improve their skills, we have assembled a curriculum
>of hands-on, half day, training programs - delivered
>by industry renowned experts who are pre-eminent
>in their fields.
>This is information security university level training
>for practitioners who already have substantial
>knowledge and wish to broaden their boundaries.
>It goes beyond introductory level material to
>focus and delve more deeply into technical
>subjects that aren't addressed in other currently
>available training.
>The initial courses offered will be:
>Gerardo Richarte - Core Security Technologies - Assembler
>         Language Programming: Assembly for Exploits
>Dave Aitel - Immunity Inc. - Your first Exploit: An
>         accelerated class in Windows exploitation
>Halvar - Reverse Engineering: Rapid Bug
>         Discovery and Input Crafting
>Fyodor - Insecure.Org - Network Reconnaissance
>         with NMAP
>Renaud Deraison - Tenable Network Security - Vulnerability
>         Scanning: Advanced NESSUS Usage
>Marty Roesch & Brian Caswell - Sourcefire - Advanced
>         IDS deployment and Signature Creation: Learn
>         to get the most from your SNORT deployment
>Laurent Oudot & Nico Fischbach - Applied network security
>         and advanced anomaly detection using state-of-the-art
>         honeyports and netflow/NIDS
>These instructors are each considered to be the world's
>top experts in their field. Many have been responsible
>for the creation of some of the most famous and useful
>security tools and methodologies you probably use
>frequently in your normal security tasks. All
>have given many introductory courses and are
>experienced instructors. They are knowledgeable
>in what students need to advance their skills.
>Many have created course material that other
>instructors still use. Each has taken that wisdom
>and knowledge of training and refined it into material
>to take your understanding to the next level. Our
>goal is to empower you to be the experts in
>your organization so that you can help your
>company be an information security powerhouse.
>Let our sensei transform your skill to the next
>degree of intensity.
>Our half day format is oriented towards maximum
>information transfer and learning retention.
>Research into learning retention rates has proven:
>Teaching Method - Knowledge Retention
>See/Hear - Lecture 5%
>Reading - 10%
>Audio Visual / Video - 20%
>Demonstration - 30%
>Discussion Group - 50%
>***Practice by Doing*** - 75%
>Teaching Others - 90%
>****Immediate application of learning in a real situation**** - 90%
>Patterned after martial arts combat training, the
>Security Masters Dojo will focus on real world
>applications of new skills which can help you
>advance in the field of information security. You
>will learn difficult to aquire skill sets from the
>world's top practitioners. A series of tests will
>challenge and verify your skills in each course
>area, with series of ceremonial belt colors which
>are awarded after successful attainment of
>each difficulty level in the testing challenges.
>The most difficult levels (black belt), are
>difficult to attain. But you can rest assured
>that if you study and persevere, by attaining
>and overcoming the challenges, you too
>will indeed become a world class expert in
>information security - with an exclusive skill
>and knowledge level few have reached.
>As incentives to performance, two additional
>rank awards will be presented to the two
>most exceptional students in each Dojo sitting
>at the belt award ceremony at the opening of
>the CanSecWest/core05 conference.
>(highest cumulative test scores per Dojo
>after normalization by class average)
>Top student:    Authentic weapon grade Japanese
>                 Folded Samurai Katana Sword -
>                 Soft and hard powdered carbon
>                 steel blend, tameshigiri grade cutting
>                 sword good for iaido practitioners.
>                 It's not just decorative, this is the
>                 real thing. (We can ship it home
>                 if you think you might have any
>                 issues with airport security :-)
>                 (~USD$1200)
>Runner-up:       Linux Zaurus SL3000 PDA with
>                 4Gig hard drive and VGA touchscreen,
>                 only available in Japan, converted to
>                 english menus and pre-loaded
>                 with security tools and NICs. This
>                 too is not just decorative. (~USD$1200)
>Each class is offered in two sessions per dojo
>and features one or two expert intructors teaching
>a small group (maximum of ten people are
>allowed to register per session, class max 12).
>Courses have a strong hands-on laboratory component
>and prepared exercises for you to perform.
>Laboratory equipment for the excercises
>and a gigabit peering link will be provided
>by the BC Institue of Technology Internet
>Engineering Laboratory.
>To accomodate this, each class may have
>prerequisites for software loads and a laptop
>is mandatory.  The individual class guides
>will list material the students are expected
>have knowledge about coming in and
>software tools that need to be pre-installed
>before attending so you get the maximum
>benefit from the focused intermediate or
>advanced level course. Please pay particular
>attention to the prerequisites, as the
>material listed there will not be reviewed
>in the courses, and will be necessary
>to get the maximum benefit out of these
>educational programs.
>The small size (10) means that space is limited,
>so you must book early, but you will be assured
>that the low student-instructor ratio will mean
>that you will each get specific attention to
>assisting your individual learning process.
>Our sensei masters have said "Hai!" to the
>challenge of improving your skills. I hope you
>choose to say so too and rise to the challenge
>of increasing your information security
>More information on courses and registration
>will be found at:
>  http://cansecwest.com/dojoc.html
>--dr (a.k.a. Dojo Mama-san :-)
>World Security Pros. Cutting Edge Training, Tools, and Techniques
>Vancouver, Canada	May 4-6 2005  http://cansecwest.com
>pgpkey http://dragos.com/ kyxpgp
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