[Snort-users] archivePlus problems

Jim Vonder jim_vonder at ...125...
Fri Mar 11 11:03:19 EST 2005

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Paul Schmehl's archivePlus 
(http://ntsug.org/downloads/archivePlus.tar.gz) working, but having some 

Trying to run the script directly from the shell (i.e. ./archivePlus.pl) I 
got the following error:
: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

I was able to fix this with dos2unix, to get rid of extra line feeds.  I 
could have always run it as 'perl archivePlus.pl', but it seemed strange to 
have to.  But then I also had to dos2unix its example configuration file 
that I modified, otherwise the script choked on the variables it tried to 
import from it.

Making these two changes, the script runs, and even spends some time 
'thinking', but after its done, nothing is in the archive database.  I've 
checked the tables, and nothing is there.

Any ideas?  Has anyone else run it on Fedora?

Jim Vonder

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