[Snort-users] Re: Snort and Mysql for statistics purposes

sushant at ...1052... sushant at ...1052...
Wed Mar 9 16:58:28 EST 2005

I have used PHP with jpgraph to get real time threat graphs. PHP is very easy to
use with MYSQL and jpgraph is a good graphic tool.
Quoting David Jiménez Domínguez <djdsecurity at ...11827...>:

> Hi folks!
> I need to graph all the traffic in my network (Top ports, Top src_ip,
> Top attacks) each 5 minutes...In the DataServer I have intalled Mysql
> and in the firewall I have installed snort-2.3.0 and I created just 4
> rules to get all the tcp,udp,icmp and ip traffic in order to graph it
> with perl and rrdtool and post it in a web page....
> Do you think it is the best way to do that???
> Have your ever done something like that?? What tools do you recommend me??
> Regards
> DJ
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