[Snort-users] My Experience with the new Sourcefire VRT rules..

Michael Sierchio ducatista at ...13158...
Wed Mar 9 16:58:00 EST 2005

Scott Morris wrote:
>     It is a new site so I'll give them slack there. However our
> corporate counsel had  apoplexy when he saw the license terms.
> Particularly the granting access to books, records and facilities. 
> You will, from time to time and as requested by Sourcefire, provide
> assurances to Sourcefire that you are using the VRT Certified Rules
> consistent with a Permitted Use, and you grant Sourcefire access, at
> reasonable times and in a reasonable manner, to the VRT Certified Rules
> in your possession or control, and to your books, records and facilities
> to permit Sourcefire to verify appropriate use of the VRT Certified
> Rules and compliance with this Agreement.

I take it that your corporate counsel has never read an Oracle
license?  The average shrink wrap license terms are absurd, too.

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