[Snort-users] My Experience with the new Sourcefire VRT rules..

Jose Maria Lopez Hernandez jkerouac at ...12346...
Wed Mar 9 01:23:15 EST 2005

El mar, 08-03-2005 a las 17:35 -0500, Martin Roesch escribió:
> Just FYI, I talked to our lawyers about this and it's a standard 
> provision in software license agreements.  Basically if you're not 
> violating the use clause in the agreement, then you have absolutely 
> nothing to be concerned with.  Stormtroopers wearing Snort masks are 
> not
> going to randomly show up at your door and demand to see your books.  
> In the unlikely event we suspect that someone is trying to distribute 
> the VRT rules for a profit, this provision merely provides us some 
> recourse to seek assurances that our suspicions are incorrect, or, as a 
> last
> resort, perform an audit.  Audits are expensive and going around 
> performing them without cause will certainly do us more harm then good. 
>   And it goes without saying that we would comply and respect local law 
> before attempting to do anything.
>       -Marty

The problem it's that you *need* the audit to assure the company
it's violating your license agreement. At least in my country
no judge will let you do that unless you *know for sure* the license
it's being violated, and even in that case you need a judge order
so *the police* can investigate the facts. So you *can't* do it
in any case.

And remember that in most countries you *can't suspect* nothing
about anyone. If you have *proves* you go to the law, if you
don't then you can't accuse anyone, and you can't investigate
private companies data by yourself.

And obviously you can't say: If you are not doing something wrong
you don't have to care about the clause. That's not the problem,
the problem it's me signing a license and agreeing or not with
*all* the clauses, that it's what you ask for.

As I've already said I agree with the new Licensing Terms, but
this clause should be cut from the license or many companies
won't accept it.



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