[Snort-users] Snort and Mysql for statistics purposes

Jose Maria Lopez Hernandez jkerouac at ...12346...
Wed Mar 9 01:03:11 EST 2005

El mar, 08-03-2005 a las 18:05 -0600, David Jiménez Domínguez escribió:
> Hi folks!
> I need to graph all the traffic in my network (Top ports, Top src_ip,
> Top attacks) each 5 minutes...In the DataServer I have intalled Mysql
> and in the firewall I have installed snort-2.3.0 and I created just 4
> rules to get all the tcp,udp,icmp and ip traffic in order to graph it
> with perl and rrdtool and post it in a web page....
> Do you think it is the best way to do that???
> Have your ever done something like that?? What tools do you recommend me??

If you are gonna make changes frecuently to the system and
you want to have it all well configured you can also try
Cacti, that it's a frontend to rrdtool where you can integrate
your own scripts.

> Regards 
> DJ



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