[Snort-users] problem with Swatch

Senthil Prabu.S prabu333 at ...8908...
Tue Mar 8 20:25:49 EST 2005

> Thanks alot. It did help but a new error appeared.
> Bareword found where operator expected at /root/.swatch_script.4392
> line 127, near "&Swatch::Actions::exec_command('COMMAND' => "echo $0
>>> /var"
>   (Might be a runaway multi-line // string starting on line 124)
>               (Missing operator before var?)
> Warning: Use of "log" without parens is ambigous at
> /root/.swatch_script.4392 line 127.
> syntax error at /root/.swatch_script.4392 line 127, near
> "&Swatch::Actions::exec_command('COMMAND' => "echo $0 >> /var"
> syntax error at /root/.swatch_script.4392 line 127.

Actually your swatchrc.txt. is the cause for your problem.
Post ur swatch.txt file in the list. Let me then help you.

Also, if you are in need of the swatch configuration manual, write to me.

Senthil Prabu.S

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