[Snort-users] Snort and Mysql for statistics purposes

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That won't give you what you are looking for... you need ntop for that... 

I run it on all my firewalls to do just what your looking for, except it doesn't do attacks. If your looking for network trends (top users, top websites, network load, top ports, etc etc) then ntop, if your looking for top attack data (ports, destination/src ip, etc etc,) then definitely use snort/mysql. 

Btw, ntop can also input to mysql.... then you get best of both worlds...


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Hi folks!

I need to graph all the traffic in my network (Top ports, Top src_ip,
Top attacks) each 5 minutes...In the DataServer I have intalled Mysql
and in the firewall I have installed snort-2.3.0 and I created just 4
rules to get all the tcp,udp,icmp and ip traffic in order to graph it
with perl and rrdtool and post it in a web page....

Do you think it is the best way to do that???
Have your ever done something like that?? What tools do you recommend me??


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