[Snort-users] My Experience with the new Sourcefire VRT rules..

Jose Maria Lopez Hernandez jkerouac at ...12346...
Tue Mar 8 11:59:43 EST 2005

El mar, 08-03-2005 a las 13:32 -0500, Scott Morris escribió:
>     It is a new site so I'll give them slack there. However our
> corporate counsel had  apoplexy when he saw the license terms.
> Particularly the granting access to books, records and facilities. 
> You will, from time to time and as requested by Sourcefire, provide
> assurances to Sourcefire that you are using the VRT Certified Rules
> consistent with a Permitted Use, and you grant Sourcefire access, at
> reasonable times and in a reasonable manner, to the VRT Certified
> Rules in your possession or control, and to your books, records and
> facilities to permit Sourcefire to verify appropriate use of the VRT
> Certified Rules and compliance with this Agreement.

This is completely illegal. At least in my country, Spain. Sourcefire
should be aware that their license it's under the control of the
country laws they are selling their services to. I think this it's going
too fast. I agree with the new licensing terms, but this is an
error. I think Sourcefire should take a look at their licensing terms
or the license will not be legal in many countries.



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