[Snort-users] tcp flood

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Tue Mar 8 08:34:50 EST 2005

At 09:51 AM 3/8/2005, SN ORT wrote:
>Yeah, any IoS Cisco that is, including the new IoS for
>PiX. Thanks.

Of course, the new OS for the PiX isn't released yet, so it doesn't do the 
OP any good. They have a public deta sheet so we can plan for it, but 
that's all that's in public release. (PiX OS 7.0 is in beta, but that's not 
available to normal users with support contracts, you need a separate level 
of access and an NDA for the beta)

also,minor point: technically it's PiX OS, not IOS. I only point it out 
because it's one common way to distinguish the product lines.. "It's an IOS 
based firewall" explicitly means it's not a PiX, but a router with the FWFS 
added on.

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