[Snort-users] Licensing

SRH-Lists giermo at ...8381...
Tue Mar 8 06:26:54 EST 2005

> I think there's a point that it's not clear yet. We are talking about
> our case. We have developed a firewall called bastion-firewall and we 
> distribute it as GPL, there's no commercial version. This firewall
> has an addon that integrates it with snort-inline, so we were 
> distributing the *untouched* snort-inline package and snort rules
> with the firewall in a separate package.
> With the new license. Can we distribute the new rules as they are
> released or we have to wait until the next version of snort
> is released? We don't mind doing one thing or the other, or even
> just offer the integration so the end user can download and use
> your rules. We just want to be sure we are doing things right.
> Which of this options do you find more correct?
> Thanks and regards.

If I am understanding correctly, since you are not selling anything to
anybody, you don't need a redistribution license.

However, if you want your end users to be able to get rule updates
outside of point releases, the end user will need to register at


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