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Jose Maria Lopez Hernandez jkerouac at ...12346...
Tue Mar 8 01:37:56 EST 2005

El lun, 07-03-2005 a las 21:53 -0500, Martin Roesch escribió:
> 3) VRT rules developed and QA'd at Sourcefire will be available for 
> commercial redistribution if the commercial entity acquires a license 
> from Sourcefire.  End users (corporate or otherwise) may register and 
> receive their rules as usual *or* they may individually subscribe to 
> snort.org for a fee to receive rules at the same time Sourcefire 
> customers do.  If they do not wish to register at all then there will 
> be rules updates in Snort point releases every 3-6 months.

I think there's a point that it's not clear yet. We are talking about
our case. We have developed a firewall called bastion-firewall and we 
distribute it as GPL, there's no commercial version. This firewall
has an addon that integrates it with snort-inline, so we were 
distributing the *untouched* snort-inline package and snort rules
with the firewall in a separate package.

With the new license. Can we distribute the new rules as they are
released or we have to wait until the next version of snort
is released? We don't mind doing one thing or the other, or even
just offer the integration so the end user can download and use
your rules. We just want to be sure we are doing things right.
Which of this options do you find more correct?

Thanks and regards.


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