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I assume, by "the rest", you mean the community rules? My understanding is
that the VRT rules are the ones produced and looked over by SF and released
with each major Snort version (Snort point x._._). Getting the newer
versions basically means you will have rules that are more current with
ongoing network/internet activities/vulnerable/worms/viruses that are out
there at that given time. 

An example might be if virus.X comes out, new rules would be written and
released by VRT to detect it (possibly long) before a new major version of
Snort may be released.

I hope that helps clarify your question...if it doesn't please let me know
more specifically what your question is. Basically, it gives you advanced
detection capabilities...


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On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 21:53 -0500, Martin Roesch wrote:

> 3) VRT rules developed and QA'd at Sourcefire will be available for 
> commercial redistribution if the commercial entity acquires a license 
> from Sourcefire.

Can someone explain to a guy who used Snort long time ago but didn't
keep in touch - what are the VRT rules and how are they different from
the rest? I know they're QA'd by SF, i wonder from a practical
standpoint - what do they give me, a Snort user, that the other rules

Florin Andrei


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