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Joaquin Grech joaco at ...13133...
Sun Mar 6 21:20:03 EST 2005



I am new to snort and I am not even sure if this is the best tool to solve
the situation.


Currently I have 3 main attacks going on on several servers on the network.
For the sake of simplicity let me explain the most problematic one.

We are getting a tcp flood of 30 to 40 connections per second. The tcp
connections look fine, they just connect/disconnect very fast flooding all
the server.


The ip ranges changes, we are getting up to 400 different ips. They don't
seem to be make spoof though.


My question is, is snort useful to stop this? I was trying to figure out a
rule to set a throttle limit like if an IP tries to connect more than 3
times in 5 seconds, block the ip.

But I wasn't very successful at implementing the rule.



If this can't be done with snort, is there any software to do that? I tried
several firewalls but none had throttle handing like that per ip.





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