[Snort-users] take a .pcap file and convert to .csv file

Neil nro at ...384...
Sun Mar 6 15:09:08 EST 2005

snort users list:


I am new to snort.

I am running snort on a windows XP box (sorry my *nix boxes are currently

How do I simultaneously read a tcpdump file and output this same file to csv
(for Excel use)?


I can read the tcpdump file

F:\snort\bin>snort -r  file.pcap 


and I have added the following to snort.conf

output alert_CSV: F:\Snort\log\alert.csv



However, How do I combine both actions at once?


When I run F:\snort\bin>snort -r  file.pcap  a csv file never materializes.


I've read through several email archives, and did not quite see this issue,
and tried a few things from answers to other questions with no luck.



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