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Sun Mar 6 01:42:02 EST 2005

El sáb, 05-03-2005 a las 22:46 -0600, Patrick S. Harper escribió:
> It is no secret I am a fan of snort (if my server logs are to be believed I
> have helped tens of thousands install snort on redhat/fedora based platforms
> and have been translated to many languages), But I am also a fan of
> Sourcefire because I am a fan of snort and they have given so much to snort
> (snort itself as we know it even) for free ever since they have been.  
> I thank Marty, Brian, Jason, Ken, Ed, and the rest of the Sourcefire team
> for all the help they are continually giving to the community.  I commend
> Marty for his objective of keeping snort free while running a company based
> on the same technology, and as a customer of Sourcefire I see the difference
> in time between upgrades in the commercial products and the open source
> products lately can be a matter of hours, not days.  That is amazing to me.
> That all said I think any hard work should be honored, at least recognized
> of the effort put forth.  I have had a number or request over the past few
> years to branch documentation I have written into different languages an or
> different platforms and I enthusiastically say "yes please" as long as they
> credit the source.  Marty, Bran(, and Sourcefire) I think are the same way.
> I have had the pleasure to meet both over the years and think they (in my
> opinion) want nothing more then acknowledgment for the work they have done.
> Marty himself gave us snort and most its glorious improvements and Brian
> gave so much in snort and snort rules development I am not sure how he got
> any sleep over the past few years.
> All said and done, if someone has done work and you are making money on it
> give credit where credit is due.  It is the least you can do.  Many have
> made livings on snort and Sourcefire appliances, few I know of have thanked
> the source of that (as far as I know and have seen and heard).  I have
> several times personally to the people that made it possible but from the
> bottom of my heart, if you had any hand in the development or advancement of
> snort "thank you" for I owe you a lot.  If your in Dallas shoot me a line
> and we will go out for a beer.  Thanks for everything
> Patrick S. Harper | CISSP RHCT MCSE
> www.internetsecurityguru.com
> www.ntsug.org - Snort Users Group
> "If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, get down there and light the
> dang thing yourself!"

I agree with all you've said. It's a shame we have not said
thanks to Marty and all the rest of the Sourcefire staff.

I want to thank all of them for the best IDS product in the
market today, and above of all for making it free.

And I am very angry with Demarc, because they have come here
to the list as the saviours of the Open Source Rules development
when *they are* the problem. I won't buy their products, I prefer
anyway to pay Sourcefire for their rules.



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