[Snort-users] As a person using snort and helping others use snort for the first time

Patrick S. Harper patrick at ...4250...
Sat Mar 5 20:45:07 EST 2005

It is no secret I am a fan of snort (if my server logs are to be believed I
have helped tens of thousands install snort on redhat/fedora based platforms
and have been translated to many languages), But I am also a fan of
Sourcefire because I am a fan of snort and they have given so much to snort
(snort itself as we know it even) for free ever since they have been.  

I thank Marty, Brian, Jason, Ken, Ed, and the rest of the Sourcefire team
for all the help they are continually giving to the community.  I commend
Marty for his objective of keeping snort free while running a company based
on the same technology, and as a customer of Sourcefire I see the difference
in time between upgrades in the commercial products and the open source
products lately can be a matter of hours, not days.  That is amazing to me.

That all said I think any hard work should be honored, at least recognized
of the effort put forth.  I have had a number or request over the past few
years to branch documentation I have written into different languages an or
different platforms and I enthusiastically say "yes please" as long as they
credit the source.  Marty, Bran(, and Sourcefire) I think are the same way.
I have had the pleasure to meet both over the years and think they (in my
opinion) want nothing more then acknowledgment for the work they have done.
Marty himself gave us snort and most its glorious improvements and Brian
gave so much in snort and snort rules development I am not sure how he got
any sleep over the past few years.

All said and done, if someone has done work and you are making money on it
give credit where credit is due.  It is the least you can do.  Many have
made livings on snort and Sourcefire appliances, few I know of have thanked
the source of that (as far as I know and have seen and heard).  I have
several times personally to the people that made it possible but from the
bottom of my heart, if you had any hand in the development or advancement of
snort "thank you" for I owe you a lot.  If your in Dallas shoot me a line
and we will go out for a beer.  Thanks for everything

Patrick S. Harper | CISSP RHCT MCSE

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"If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, get down there and light the
dang thing yourself!"

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