[Snort-users] Licensing, etc.

William Mathews bill at ...13127...
Fri Mar 4 20:00:17 EST 2005

  We use Open source software quite a bit and try to contribute back to 
the community as much as possible (we host user groups, different 
projects and participate in several projects). I see a lot of companies 
that make quite a bit of money off of various Open Source software and 
basically rename the project something else (SpamAssassin becomes 
MailClean, or SuperSpamBlocker Pro, Nessus becomes Mega Compliancy 
Checker 5.0, etc).  It's really quite disgusting.  What is often missed 
about Open Source software (and I see it all the time) is that "free" 
doesn't mean "free," it just means that you can modify the code as you 
see fit, not get everyone else to do all the work while you collect the 
money. As for the new licensing of the rules, its not like the rules 
are being taken away, it does seem like a genuine move to both boost 
SourceFire and the Snort community. Remember, if SourceFire doesn't do 
well, Snort won't do well. I'm pretty sure (and I don't speak for 
Marty) that the intention is not to punish the steadfast supporters of 
the project but to discourage certain larger companies from making 
money with absolutely zero investment. I don't think anyone can see 
that as unfair or wrong, except of course for those companies affected.

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