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Bill Parker dogbert at ...11664...
Fri Mar 4 19:38:41 EST 2005

<rant on>

I think a lot of people are being too hard on the SourceFire team.  It is a well known fact that giving things away for free doesn't put food on the table, unless you are dealing with a grocery store :).

The issue of people taking signatures, code, and so on, and removing the copyright and credit information is simply wrong (and a violation of copyright law to boot).  If the signatures were listed as 'NOT for alteration, etc", I suspect the network security community would be in a world of hurt these days.

Making money is what a successful company attempts to do, and for others to go out and appropriate someone else's work and call it their own amounts to theft of intellectual property at the very least.  This is something I would expect from hackers and pirates overseas, not from people in the United States.

</rant on>
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