[Snort-users] Sourcefire Tactics - New Licensing

Paul Schmehl pauls at ...6838...
Fri Mar 4 11:55:39 EST 2005

--On Friday, March 04, 2005 01:55:33 PM -0500 Martin Roesch 
<roesch at ...1935...> wrote:
> Sourcefire isn't asking you to pay for code, it's not even asking you to
> pay for rules, what we're saying is that if you are a company that's
> profiting directly from the quality and timliness of the rules that are
> generated by the VRT that you contribute back to that from which you
> benefit.  The rules that are under the GPL today will remain under the
> GPL, so you're not being constrained there.  The community rules from the
> users will remain under the GPL or alternative licenses that the
> individual authors may propose.  The rules that Sourcefire develops at a
> cost of millions of dollars per year will be available to end users *for
> free* if they so desire, but for corporations that are taking and giving
> nothing in return, we ask that they be willing to pay for ongoing access
> to Sourcefire's brains and resources.
You forgot to finish, Marty.

....and if there's anyone who thinks *that* is unreasonable or unfair in 
some way, well, screw you.  :-)

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