[Snort-users] Sourcefire Tactics - New Licensing

Frank Knobbe frank at ...9761...
Wed Mar 2 21:35:43 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 00:24 -0500, Peter J Manis wrote:
> I agree.  This is sad.  Essentially, what is happening here is taking the 
> open out of the opensource. 

Whoooaaa.... hold your horsie... Who says what? You're falling for the
fear Michael (probably unintentionally) spread, are you? Snort will
remain open source. So do the Community rules. So do the Bleeding rules.

No one said anything about Snort going away.

>  First the rules from Sourcefire, and now they 
> are trying to take Bleeding Snort. 

uhm... they are not "taking Bleeding Snort". What we're doing is finding
a way to combine efforts to give you better rules.

>  I understand if Sourcefire is upset 
> about a few individuals using their rules, but what business do they have 
> attempting to take Bleeding Snort under their control? 

*sigh*   They are not. 

> [...blah blah...]

You're not working for a company affected by the license change by any
chance, are you?

Please, there is no reason for concern. Let's not spread FUD like ...
well, let's not go there.


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