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I would recommend var EXTERNAL_NET = !HOME_NET

This will force Snort to consider any IP not included in the subnet (or
list) show as HOME_NET to be considered external and may help stop your
problems. However, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "logging the local
machine in the alert logs", so it's a little hard to say. Does this mean
it's seeing interactions between your own machines and alerting to it
(obviously you woulnd't want a foreign machine and your own interacting the
way computers on the same network do)?


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I'm trying to set up snort log monitoring and real time alerts.
I've editted the standard snort.conf file.
I've modified the HOME_NET var to the appropriate sets of IP addresses and
left the EXTERNAL_NET to any
The thing is that it's logging the local machine in the alert logs.  I'm
guessing the EXTERNAL_NET var is causing this but i don't know what to set
it to.
Can anyone give me any insight.  An explanation on how snort uses these
variables would be great too.
Thanx in advance for your help

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