[Snort-users] New User interface question

Mike Lieberman Mike at ...12324...
Wed Mar 2 13:04:32 EST 2005

I am configuring a Debian server with three NICs and have SNORT 2.3 loaded. 

	eth0 has an IP address and is not for SNORT use
	eth1 and eth2 do not have IP addresses and are to be used in
promiscuous mode.

		auto eth0
		iface eth0 inet static
		auto eth1
		iface eth1 inet manual
		auto eth2
		iface eth2 inet manual

I can bring the eth1 and eth2 interfaces up manually with 	
	ifconfig eth(x) up

I understand I can put a script in ifup.d to force the interfaces up. 

So that I can load snort from boot, is this the best way to set this up? If
so, does anyone have a sample script? 

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