[Snort-users] outgoing traffic question

Guillermo Padilla gpadilla at ...13098...
Tue Mar 1 13:09:33 EST 2005

I've just recently installed snort on my network and I'm still trying to
figure out what exactly I'm looking at on the ACID page.

Right now I'm more interested in seeing what traffic is going out of my
network, eg: url, and ports being accessed.  


When I click on destination ip address I see some of the ips that I've
been trying to access within my network.  But if don't see any ips/url
for any sites I've gone outside my network.  I do see a .255 ip which I
think is tells me that an outside url/ip was accessed.  


Any ideas as where I should look in my configs to be able to view the
type of info I'm trying to see?









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