[Snort-users] Snort code dumped in spp_sfportscan.c on Sun Solaris OS

Jeremy Hewlett jh at ...1935...
Tue Mar 1 10:31:57 EST 2005

On Mon, Feb 28, Frank Zhang wrote:
>    When  I  ran  snort  V2.3.0  on  my Solaris 9 system, the program core
>    dumped.  The  following  is  the  details; please advise how to fix or
>    bypass this problem.

Thanks for the report, Frank!

This is a known issue and we're working on fixing the problem. In the
meantime, you can disable sfPortscan and fall back to using whatever
portscan preprocessor you were using in 2.2.

If you have any pcaps that exercise the bug, please send them to me
off list.

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