[Snort-users] New User

Jerry Thompson thompsonj at ...13107...
Tue Mar 1 04:49:54 EST 2005


I have installed a Snort for Windows package, EagleX.  EagleX employs
IDSCenter 1.1 to configure and ACID to organize the data.

I have 2 questions:

1.  How do I stop the alert Web-misc robots.txt access?  I have search
every rule set and cannot find the rule.  

2.  Is it possible to instruct snort to ignore entire subnets?  For
example, I would love to instruct Snort to ignore my private networks. 
Snort is monitoring my DMZ and I'm really only interested in alerts
generated from the public side.

Please don't beat me up for using a Windows version.

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