[Snort-users] BASE 1.1.3 release

jensen galan jrgalan at ...131...
Tue Jun 14 15:05:31 EDT 2005


I just upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1.3 by merely replacing
my base dir and making the appropriate changes to the
base_conf.php file.  Is this all that needs to be
done?  BASE seems to be running slower than usual.  No
DB changes?



--- Kevin Johnson <kjohnson at ...12400...> wrote:

> The BASE project team is proud to announce the
> immediate 
> availability of the 1.1.3(lynn) release.
> This release includes a number of performance
> increases 
> along with a number of bug fixes.  We have also
> included support 
> for Oracle.  Along with this, we have increased our
> translations to 
> include Simplified Chinese and Czech!  
> We would like to thank everyone that continues to
> support the team,
> both by using the product and sending us bug reports
> and patches.
> To brag a little, we would like to point out that
> two different articles
> appeared talking about the project when explaining
> various uses of 
> Snort.  And our understanding is that another is on
> the way.<g>
> We also had a wonderful IRC session, where a number
> of users met
> with the developers to discuss the future of BASE
> and what 2.x means.
> The transcript of this meeting is available on our
> website at
> http://secureideas.sourceforge.net
> We would like to invite anyone who would like to 
> contribute, whether seasoned programmer or beginner
> that is 
> looking to learn, to contact us at
> base at ...12400... to
> discuss how you can join the team!
> Of course we should mention that the download is
> available on our
> Sourceforge.net site at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/secureideas
> Thanks!
> Kevin Johnson and the BASE project team
> -------------------
> BASE Project Lead
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/secureideas
> http://base.secureideas.net
> The next step in IDS analysis!

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