[Snort-users] Help w/ Bleeding Snort Rules on XP

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Fri Jun 10 07:32:49 EDT 2005

Michael, thanks for the reply. WordPad is a lot easier then notepad.
Wish WordPad had a line counter though. Anyway, I ended up having to go
through the rules line by line (as Patrick mentioned..thanks) and
commented out some lines. Everything works fine now. Now for sure what
in the line wouldn't make it work. I've never wrote a rule..but
learning. Here is an example.

ERROR: D:\win-ids\Snort\rules\bleeding-virus.rules(304) =>
getservbyname() faile
d on "any"
Fatal Error, Quitting..

This is line 304 for MyDoom.AH in the rule. If I comment that out, snort
doesn't give me any errors.

alert tcp $HOME_NET !$HTTP_PORTS -> $EXTERNAL_NET 1639:1640
(msg:"BLEEDING-EDGE WORM MyDoom.AH Victim Accessing Infected Page";
classtype:trojan-activity; flow:established,to_server;
content:"/index.htm"; nocase;
=129631; sid:2001428; rev:6;)

Thanks again to everyone who replied for the help.

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Ok, you might have a problem with using 'Notepad' try 'WordPad'. Not
sure why you have to copy and paste. The rules should be available in an
archive format. Don't modify any of the rules and see if the error comes
back. If there is no error then try to modify with 'Notepad', and if the
error comes back you have the culprit.

Kindest regards,

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