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Sat Jun 4 01:58:04 EDT 2005

Huh?  Sounds like NAT to me.  You may want to look at IP tables.  You might
want to give us a little better idea what you really want to do. Send
detailed descriptions, pictures, diagrams, cave drawings, something. 

You did not mention why it would switch, is it just because there is a
packet or did this packet offend you?  If every packet would be switched,
what would trigger the switch.  Shoot, maybe a badminton racquet to swat the
packets from one machine to the other will work (picturing that in my head
it looks real funny) would work.  Please provide more details as to what you
would like to do and if Snort can do it I am sure this list can help point
you in the right direction.

Patrick S. Harper | CISSP RHCT MCSE

In a world of compromise, some don't.

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Hello all,

my name is tommy and i want to develop a  IDS using
and this is my problem, i want to switch a connection
to the other ip in my network..
for example if there is a connection to my web server
which ip is but i want to switch it to
the other ip for example
what should i do with my snort configuration...is
there any configuration that i must change or add??

is there any suggestion?

thank you so much..



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