[Snort-users] Why snort doesn't log any packet?

R. Thamrin white_feather_whisper at ...131...
Wed Jun 1 06:13:55 EDT 2005

Hi snort users,

I installed snort version 2.x on a windows. The snort
version I'm using is bundled with Acid, MySQL, Apache,
IDSCenter in an EagleX package. I'm using default
settings from EagleX.

However, when I connected my computer to a network
through hub, there was received and transmitted data
but snort doesn't log any packet to mysql database
(Acid doesn't show any data). I tried to wait for
several hours but the database is still empty. It
seems snort doesn't record any traffic.

Is this a know bug?

What should I do to overcome this problem?

Any hints and help would be appreciated.

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