[Snort-users] Addition tothe question "First run of snort"

Jiju Menon security4rrm at ...11827...
Fri Jan 14 13:40:18 EST 2005



Please bear with me for the basic questions. I am very new to the
Snort and Linux World.

I could comment that line that includes local.rules as Mr. Riden has
advised. But I did not mention that the local.rules file is present in
the rules directory.

Does the new information change any thing?

Thank You

Earlier Question:


Thank you for the help in locating the snort.conf file. The snort.conf
file was in the /etc directory of the source code.

This is what I did.....

1) In the snort.conf file I changed the following parameters for the first run.

var HOME_NET <Internal IP/mask>

var RULE_PATH /root/snortDir/snort-2.3.ORC2/rules

2) The snort was run as root with the command

snort -c /etc/short/snort.conf


ERROR: Unable to open rules file:
/root/snortDir/snort-2.3.ORC2/rules/local.rules or
Fatal Error, Quitting..

Why is this?

I am also going through some help documents on the snort website. But
I did not come across this problem.

Thank You.

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